Friday, December 6, 2013

Take a Walk In My Shoes

It's Friday at last! I hope you are all enjoying this holy day and I have for you some pictures of our typical day in Kindergarten. Hopefully I will do a more updated one later but this is great to give you an idea of how our day goes by.
Stay tuned:

We start of our day, everyday, by sitting in our circle and talking about the important what the weather is like, what the days of the week are, what month we are in, counting our numbers in the month. There is also time for the students to raise their hand and talk about something to the whole class.

Center work: Although we don't do this daily this is a main part of our program. The students are split into groups and they start working on different activities for the same concept...Here it was for patterns. There was gluing, cutting, coloring, and shaping play-dough.

P.E. time is everyone's favorite...even though its only one day a week we try to have the most fun with it. Every week is a different activity. In the pictures they were playing with Mrs. Nisreen, the school P.E. teacher, and they had a blast.

So much Fun!
Like I said I'm going to try and add more pictures because these next few weeks we will be doing alot  more crafts. Especially since we are working on the Summer Project for the Seasons. you will hear more about that later Inshallah.
Have a great weekend!