Friday, November 1, 2013

Owl I want to do is Read!

KG2 loves to read! We spend so much time in class reading our sight words and trying our sentence combinations with them. Based on our discussions yesterday in the parent teacher meeting, I decided to make this reading booklet for you to use when working with your child.

Click HERE to get this file.

1.This is a pdf file, you must click it and then download it to be able to access it on your computer. Print it out if you'd like although I may be printing this out at school and sending it home with the kids as well. This file can be your backup if a page gets torn or missing.

2. This book covers all the words we will take from the can keep going if you'd like or stop and wait for us to take the words in class it is up to YOU!

3. This booklet is for NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL KG2.

4. Please let your child write the words on the dotted word and color in the pictures. This book is supposed to be interactive.

5. The purpose of this booklet is to help you practice words with your child, the final page is a practice for how to put the words together to make sentences. ONLY use words from this BOOK. Do NOT add your own words.


Click HERE to get this file.


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