Thursday, January 23, 2014

Just smile and wave kids...Smile and wave!

Sorry or uploading these pictures sooo late. I knew school has been out forever, but with all of my tests I had to keep these pics aside.

There are only a few pictures but between all the having fun...and cake, I didn't have much time to take pics.

There is a group picture posted on the school's facebook page. If you haven't joined that page yet I suggest you do. So you don't miss out on a lot of cool updates.

The first two pictures are from our game. KG The Voice...hahah! It's like the real voice but the kids were singing our KG songs and the audience would judge who sang it the best.

This last picture was our little home ec. fun! We used glaze to make "snowflakes" on our cookies.
Unfortunately the glaze was a little to liquidy and it didn't really stay put.
Still fun though!

Enjoy the rest of your break!


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