Friday, February 28, 2014

These few weeks have been a blast!!

These last few weeks have been spectacular. From crafts to activities to digging up old bones to watching movies. We've been rocking and it looks like this semester is only going to get bigger and better. Make sure your shoelaces are tied up well cuz we've got a lot of pictures to share. Show your little ones their pictures and have them tell you the story behind it. Inspiration comes from little things sometimes.

Some of the other classes had lots of help making their crafts. In KG2 International the children did their own work. I literally threw piles of crafting  materials and let them go where their imagination took them. If they wanted letters on their boats...they got it! Amazing.

Ms....we found real bones! Were there dinosaurs at this school? Wow...this is sooo cool! Ms. where did the bones come from?
This is what the children told me while we were knee deep in sand...getting dirty like the real paleontologists do when they look for bones. We had an amazing time, thank you so much for all of your cooperation sending the bones. They really were a great part of our learning about dinosaurs. Sorry not everyone is the two pictures my camera range is  no excellent.

Ahhh, the infamous movie/pajama day! What a joy! Although, later it became something of the ACT BAD DAY! hahah, the kids had fun...that's all that matters...I guess! The movie they watched was the BBC special for Walking with Dinosaurs. I recommend you all watch it again with your children, and explain the movie to them and answer any questions they might have.

I hope you enjoyed up, crafts!


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