Friday, February 28, 2014

We dont always do crafts...But when we do!

I know most of you guys don't understand my post titles, but theyre usually referencing a movie or famous saying...hahah!

Anyway, back to what you really want....Pictures, My Precious! (Another movie saying)

Ok, so this semester crafts have been a daily if not every other day type of thing. The children love it...and it really enforces the ideas that we are taking in class. Along with our actual activities their learning capacity has doubled since last semester (boorrring!).

Dinosaurs...Dinosaurs! So many possibilities. Moving feet and head really made it special!

The ugly duckling. The children love love loved this story sooo much. They learned a lot from it, especially the difference between a duck and a swan. So as a craft they made these beautiful swans out of ... you guessed it, toilet paper. Hello reuse. Bam!

Another ode to the ugly duckling. We wrote you are beautiful. "you are" were our words of the week and obviously we don't go around calling people ugly so we wrote you are beautiful. Everyone stamped their hand print on it. wohooo!

Oh my God! Don't you just wish you were in Kindergarten. I know I dooo!

Next up, Picture Spam; capturing the children when they least expect it, makes for beautiful and timeless pictures.


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