Saturday, October 12, 2013

Boom Boom Pop Pop

As you all know, our precious kindergarteners and I have been hard at work memorizing lots and lots of songs. We are doing this because songs are a great way to teach and learn English. The rhythm and the beat of the song inspires children to sing along. The more they like a song the more they will learn it.
However, being that English is a second language for these children they need lots and lots of practice in order for their pronunciation to come out properly. Therefore, I have created this lovely music file in order for you to help your child sing the songs with the correct words.

Please note, that the rhythm may not be obvious to you so have your child sing it first and build the words of the song based on your child's singing rhythm.  I hope that makes sense.
There is one song I have not shared and it's the Letter song that goes like this:
Letter A, Letter A, a a aaaa.

The reason I haven't shared it is because I want the children to memorize the correct forms of letters and their sounds.
Please click HERE to download this file.

HERE you will find the phonics song that I'm sure your child has been singing repeatedly.

I hope this is helpful, please use this Eid break to memorize some of the songs.



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