Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Happy Eid

Good morning all,

Being that tomorrow is Eid, I felt like  I should share with you all the much awaited pictures from our Eid part last Thursday.

It was really a great experience for the children and I. We had bundles of fun. We started our day off by making the beautiful Eid cards that you will be receiving tomorrow. The children wrote everything on the inside by themselves except for the year. Some students had more trouble than others and I helped them out a bit.

Then I chose the two with the most beautiful handwriting and I had them write the two cards for Ms. Wafaa and Dr. Jehad. I split the class into two groups and off we went to give them their cards.

Next, we all enjoyed a little funfetti cupcakes and ate our food. Next, it was time for face painting. The children had a blast guessing if they looked like each other or not. P.s they all did!
Then, we divided the class into groups and played some indoor matches where the winners received balloon horns.
Finally, each child received their gifts and it was time for some outdoor fun.

Without further delay, here are some pictures.

I hope everyone enjoys their Eid with their family as much as I will. And I hope these pictures brighten your day just a bit! You can also find these pictures in the gallery page.
Wishing you a peaceful and loving Eid!


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