Saturday, October 12, 2013

Play the Peek-a-Boo Game!

Good morning,
Today I'm going to be providing my first post for my Kindergarten class of 2013. I was really excited to make this blog after seeing all of the parents positive interactions. Here are a few of the things I would like to share with you through this blog:

1. Weekly updates and Plans will be shared through blog posts.
            2. Provide pictures from inside the classroom giving you a peek into your child's work.

3. Share personalized worksheets and practice papers for you and your child.

       4. Provide general idea about the classroom setting and work we are doing.

As you can see a lot will be going on here, please try your hardest to check this blog as often as possible. Not only will you have direct access to your child's work, but you will also find out a lot more about what's been going on at school. No personal comments will be shared on this blog. If you would like to contact me about something personal please email me or contact me directly. This blog is a general description of the entire class and not one child in specific. Please respect others privacy and moderate your comments.
Please make an email as soon as possible because personal pictures of your child will not be shared through this blog. If you already have an email please send that to me as soon as you can. So that I may provide you with the pictures.
**Parents please note:
Due to the American Digital Schools philosophy of modernization and technology many posts will contain items that will not be sent home in print form. If anyone is having trouble accessing items presented through the blog please let me immediately. Thanks,


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